Sex in your 50s and 60s – Things you should know

Our typical mindset for older generation (whose age is more than 50) is that, they already lose their desire for sexual activities. Definitely not!
Numerous studies proved that individuals remain active sexually even in their later years. Just say for instance, a recent poll discovered that over half of gentlemen and one-third of women’s population were documented as sexually active.
The reason? Thanks to the benefits of sex! With the right set of adjustments and attitude, age won’t be a hindrance to achieve that.
Menopause? No worries!
Every woman will go through menopausal stage, a phase once a woman’s ovaries already cease generating oestrogen. By this moment, she can’t bear another child anymore.
It’s a good thing for couples. When a lady finally leaves her reproductive years, it is where sex becomes an instrument only. This stage won’t take away your sex drive. As a matter of fact, it can even take your libido to a newer height.
However, sexual problems may arise such as:
 Less intense orgasm
Here’s the solution: Don’t aim anymore for orgasm. Instead, just enjoy the whole time. After all, you can still experience wonderful feeling even if you don’t reach your peak
 Women over 50 tends to reach their arousal phase longer than usual since there’s less blood flowing into their genitals.
Here’s the solution: Why not utilize a vibrator?
 Dry vagina
Freak not because there are several remedies nowadays for this. Try OTC or prescribed oestrogen-based lubricants.
 Weak pelvic floor muscles
You can perform 15 kegel exercises daily. If you don’t know where it is situated, try to stop the flow of your pee. After that, squeeze and immediately let go. As soon as you find these muscles, start practicing the exercises.
Manopause? It does not matter.
Just like women, men’s body is entitled as well to changes. These changes vary from men to men. Some start to experience them at the age of 40, others feel it when they’re already at 60.
Also known as menopause, their body begins to release less amount of testosterone. Usually, they might even wonder why their erection is less rigid. There are instances they ejaculate less. Although there are lots of changes, most men still have that burning desire for a good sex. They can maintain it through:
• Monthly check up with your physician
• Having a healthy lifestyle
• Being loyal to your partner
• Remember that prevention is better than cure
• Proper exercise and eating nutritious foods will improve fertility
• Taking vitamins or multivitamins
But they still may experience problems like erectile dysfunction. Erectile dysfunction or often called as ‘Male Impotence’ is the inability of a man to sustain sufficient erection during the sexual intercourse. Few of the many cases of ED can be reversible, and most notable in this regard occurs when there’s a low level of male testosterone produced by the body.
Although impotence is common among older male as it is often associated with aging process, this sexual problem can also occur to younger men as an effect of unhealthy lifestyle, genetic problem or physiological factors.

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