How to Date a Ladyboy in Bangkok

Bangkok is the capital of Thailand and it’s the most accepting of the transgender population city. Tourists from all over the world flock to this city to seek transgender love. Ladyboys in Bangkok are active on the dating scene and you can meet them in lots of places, including malls, cafes, and shops. Many trans people in Bangkok work in beauty salons, shops, and restaurants, but in factories as well. This reflects the country’s high proportion of female workers in industry. There are many trans-friendly pubs and clubs, as well as online dating sites and groups on Meetup.

We understand dating can be tough for lots of people, and trans dating – even more so. This is why we made a list of the best places in the Thai capital to take your trans date to.

Take a Tour of the City

Normally, a helicopter tour of the city takes 45 minutes on average. One option would be to get your local date to show you around. If you’re not on a budget, feel free to delight her by splurging on a helicopter tour, which will reveal gorgeous panoramic views of the Wat Arun, Grand Palace, Chao Phraya River and more. Some tours include the Ancient City, Samut Prakan, and the Erawan Museum.

Visit the Shrine of Love

Locals and foreigners visit the so-called Shrine of Love to obtain the blessings and goodwill of the god Trimurti. Locals believe that love lasts forever for those who get his blessings. If you’ve been dating a while, visiting the Shrine together is a good idea. Anyone would appreciate a show of love like this. There is a special ritual people go through involving two red candles, seven red incense sticks, and nine red roses. When you arrive with those, you and your partner must read the inscription in front of the shrine. As you do, you need to kneel. Keep in mind the Shrine is a busy area – it might not be what you imagine. It certainly wasn’t what we imagined when we went there. It’s actually located near a major transport artery leading to the Central World Mall. It’s definitely for you if you don’t mind crowds though.

If you’re still looking for a partner, keep in mind many people interested in dating local ladyboys have considered dating sites. My Ladyboy Date and My Transsexual Date are the most popular ones.


Sex in your 50s and 60s – Things you should know

Our typical mindset for older generation (whose age is more than 50) is that, they already lose their desire for sexual activities. Definitely not!
Numerous studies proved that individuals remain active sexually even in their later years. Just say for instance, a recent poll discovered that over half of gentlemen and one-third of women’s population were documented as sexually active.
The reason? Thanks to the benefits of sex! With the right set of adjustments and attitude, age won’t be a hindrance to achieve that.
Menopause? No worries!
Every woman will go through menopausal stage, a phase once a woman’s ovaries already cease generating oestrogen. By this moment, she can’t bear another child anymore.
It’s a good thing for couples. When a lady finally leaves her reproductive years, it is where sex becomes an instrument only. This stage won’t take away your sex drive. As a matter of fact, it can even take your libido to a newer height.
However, sexual problems may arise such as:
 Less intense orgasm
Here’s the solution: Don’t aim anymore for orgasm. Instead, just enjoy the whole time. After all, you can still experience wonderful feeling even if you don’t reach your peak
 Women over 50 tends to reach their arousal phase longer than usual since there’s less blood flowing into their genitals.
Here’s the solution: Why not utilize a vibrator?
 Dry vagina
Freak not because there are several remedies nowadays for this. Try OTC or prescribed oestrogen-based lubricants.
 Weak pelvic floor muscles
You can perform 15 kegel exercises daily. If you don’t know where it is situated, try to stop the flow of your pee. After that, squeeze and immediately let go. As soon as you find these muscles, start practicing the exercises.
Manopause? It does not matter.
Just like women, men’s body is entitled as well to changes. These changes vary from men to men. Some start to experience them at the age of 40, others feel it when they’re already at 60.
Also known as menopause, their body begins to release less amount of testosterone. Usually, they might even wonder why their erection is less rigid. There are instances they ejaculate less. Although there are lots of changes, most men still have that burning desire for a good sex. They can maintain it through:
• Monthly check up with your physician
• Having a healthy lifestyle
• Being loyal to your partner
• Remember that prevention is better than cure
• Proper exercise and eating nutritious foods will improve fertility
• Taking vitamins or multivitamins
But they still may experience problems like erectile dysfunction. Erectile dysfunction or often called as ‘Male Impotence’ is the inability of a man to sustain sufficient erection during the sexual intercourse. Few of the many cases of ED can be reversible, and most notable in this regard occurs when there’s a low level of male testosterone produced by the body.
Although impotence is common among older male as it is often associated with aging process, this sexual problem can also occur to younger men as an effect of unhealthy lifestyle, genetic problem or physiological factors.


5 Hot Ways to Explore a Blindfold Sex

The internet has given many people an idea on how they can explore the sensual world of an individual. The thought of having a creative and adventurer mind when it talks about giving sensation to your partner gives an impact to many people. Their fascination about the different styles or forms of sex has given many couples an idea on how they can play with it. The maximum level of spicing things up is one way to release their needs or their experimentation about how sex will become less boring and more electrifying for them. Moreover, there are ways on how they will explore this one of a kind trip of sensual discovery for couples.
In this regard, the sexual arousal and tension can magnify through blindfolding during sex. This will entail the infectivity of your senses that causes the other senses compensate and make the sexual experience amazing. This play of being blindfolded may help you feel more comfortable exploring your sexual assets and desires. Here are some ways on how to spice up a relationship while being blindfolded during sex;
• The Elements of Surprise
This element is use when they want the unexpected scene at burst. Blindfolded sex decisions should be spontaneous or you risk losing the surprising effects. You try to elevate the feeling of sensation while doing the act. You may use sex toys while doing such things. Tickle, grasp, bursting and moaning can help the act be more exciting. Surprise your partner with your moves and styles. Being blindfolded while having sex gives the unexpected feeling even more because you cannot see what your partner’s doing.
• Make sense while blindfolded
The essence of being blindfolded can also be used not only during sex. Sometimes, trying something new is not bad. Blindfolds are good way to start since you can test them outside the bedroom first. You can play and tag along with your partner using this technique before you try it on bed. Playing out of the context of blindfolded on bed can be more fascinating. This technique will enhance your trust to your partner and vice-versa. This is indeed a funny moment.
• Mess should be cleaned up
After the activity you had, you can still clean up while blindfold is still on. You can use fingers or tongue to clean your partner’s mess in the face. This will help you to feel and touch and flavour of each other’s body before going to a blindfolded sex.
• Bring it to the bedroom
After winning the trust of your partner, you can go and start the romance in the bedroom. Warming each other and feel the sensation while having fun in the bed. Caressing the body of your partner who is blindfolded after undressing her can make the move. Play and have fun through doing tricks and different forms of foreplay. Teasing her with all around gestures will make her feel aroused to the highest level.
• Put it on show
For many people watching their partner arouse during sex it is more different to try the arousal sensation while you are being blindfolded. Indeed it is a perfect tool to let a person close their eyes and forget they have an audience. They can get it loose and let this sensation soak up.


5 Biggest Mistakes Couples Make In the Bedroom

You don’t need extravagant hotel rooms or smooth satin sheets just to boost your sex life. Just make sure to watch out for these five mistakes that couples make in the bedroom;
1. Demanding for a better performance from your partner.
One of the false beliefs we all know is that men can instantly be turned on. That is not true. Men, just like women, may be stressed, tired, not interested in sensual acts or just not in the mood sometimes. Just because you’re in the mood, it does not necessarily mean that you have the right to demand sex from your lover. You don’t even have the right to ask better performance from them.
But if you really want to, use your charisma efficiently. Know how to use seduction and foreplay. At times your partner wants it slow, creative, subtle and unique. In other words, it’s vital to be considerate to the needs and moods of each other.
2. Underestimating your emotional connection.
Can you still recall the last time you talk to your husband, aside from confirming who is in charge of cleaning the house or what’s for breakfast? Busy work schedules can be blamed for this, however quality relationship needs an intimate emotional connection as per Paul Hokemeyer, PhD, a certified marriage as well as family therapist based in New York City.
3. Not discussing sex.
Elona Landau, a Portland sex educator told that when you don’t have an honest and open communication, it can cause conflicts in the bedroom. This is especially true to the people we are committed. If we cannot talk openly everything about our desires, wants and needs, then there’s less changes we’ll learn about how he/she talks or get afraid of being shamed, judged or cut off.
So, how can you fix this? Your husband/wife is not a mind-reader. You need to speak up!
4. Letting yourself be stuck in a rut
Undeniably, sex will make you think what to expect next. More often than not, every couple knows what buttons to switch on. Keep doing routines which give your partner a mind-blowing orgasm. Read the Kama Sutra list and learn and try new sex position every day. Tell him/her three things you love about your sexual connection and how crazy you are for him/her. Don’t act like you’re a robot or a dead walking zombie lying down there and doing nothing. Sex is all about touch. Use that to make your lover satisfied.
Conversation like this can fire up sexual tension between couples. By doing these things, you’re keeping yourself and your partner from falling into a deep rut.
5. Talking while in the action
It’s time to stop talking (unless it’s dirty about your problems, needs and many more during your sexual encounters. Keep in mind that bedroom moment is your only time to build connection with your lover in sensual ways. Let your body movements do the talking.
Improving and keeping a healthy sexual connection is tough. As the old adage says, it takes two to tango. Thus, you both need to work hard to avoid committing these missteps at all cost.