5 Hot Ways to Explore a Blindfold Sex

The internet has given many people an idea on how they can explore the sensual world of an individual. The thought of having a creative and adventurer mind when it talks about giving sensation to your partner gives an impact to many people. Their fascination about the different styles or forms of sex has given many couples an idea on how they can play with it. The maximum level of spicing things up is one way to release their needs or their experimentation about how sex will become less boring and more electrifying for them. Moreover, there are ways on how they will explore this one of a kind trip of sensual discovery for couples.
In this regard, the sexual arousal and tension can magnify through blindfolding during sex. This will entail the infectivity of your senses that causes the other senses compensate and make the sexual experience amazing. This play of being blindfolded may help you feel more comfortable exploring your sexual assets and desires. Here are some ways on how to spice up a relationship while being blindfolded during sex;
• The Elements of Surprise
This element is use when they want the unexpected scene at burst. Blindfolded sex decisions should be spontaneous or you risk losing the surprising effects. You try to elevate the feeling of sensation while doing the act. You may use sex toys while doing such things. Tickle, grasp, bursting and moaning can help the act be more exciting. Surprise your partner with your moves and styles. Being blindfolded while having sex gives the unexpected feeling even more because you cannot see what your partner’s doing.
• Make sense while blindfolded
The essence of being blindfolded can also be used not only during sex. Sometimes, trying something new is not bad. Blindfolds are good way to start since you can test them outside the bedroom first. You can play and tag along with your partner using this technique before you try it on bed. Playing out of the context of blindfolded on bed can be more fascinating. This technique will enhance your trust to your partner and vice-versa. This is indeed a funny moment.
• Mess should be cleaned up
After the activity you had, you can still clean up while blindfold is still on. You can use fingers or tongue to clean your partner’s mess in the face. This will help you to feel and touch and flavour of each other’s body before going to a blindfolded sex.
• Bring it to the bedroom
After winning the trust of your partner, you can go and start the romance in the bedroom. Warming each other and feel the sensation while having fun in the bed. Caressing the body of your partner who is blindfolded after undressing her can make the move. Play and have fun through doing tricks and different forms of foreplay. Teasing her with all around gestures will make her feel aroused to the highest level.
• Put it on show
For many people watching their partner arouse during sex it is more different to try the arousal sensation while you are being blindfolded. Indeed it is a perfect tool to let a person close their eyes and forget they have an audience. They can get it loose and let this sensation soak up.

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