5 Biggest Mistakes Couples Make In the Bedroom

You don’t need extravagant hotel rooms or smooth satin sheets just to boost your sex life. Just make sure to watch out for these five mistakes that couples make in the bedroom;
1. Demanding for a better performance from your partner.
One of the false beliefs we all know is that men can instantly be turned on. That is not true. Men, just like women, may be stressed, tired, not interested in sensual acts or just not in the mood sometimes. Just because you’re in the mood, it does not necessarily mean that you have the right to demand sex from your lover. You don’t even have the right to ask better performance from them.
But if you really want to, use your charisma efficiently. Know how to use seduction and foreplay. At times your partner wants it slow, creative, subtle and unique. In other words, it’s vital to be considerate to the needs and moods of each other.
2. Underestimating your emotional connection.
Can you still recall the last time you talk to your husband, aside from confirming who is in charge of cleaning the house or what’s for breakfast? Busy work schedules can be blamed for this, however quality relationship needs an intimate emotional connection as per Paul Hokemeyer, PhD, a certified marriage as well as family therapist based in New York City.
3. Not discussing sex.
Elona Landau, a Portland sex educator told that when you don’t have an honest and open communication, it can cause conflicts in the bedroom. This is especially true to the people we are committed. If we cannot talk openly everything about our desires, wants and needs, then there’s less changes we’ll learn about how he/she talks or get afraid of being shamed, judged or cut off.
So, how can you fix this? Your husband/wife is not a mind-reader. You need to speak up!
4. Letting yourself be stuck in a rut
Undeniably, sex will make you think what to expect next. More often than not, every couple knows what buttons to switch on. Keep doing routines which give your partner a mind-blowing orgasm. Read the Kama Sutra list and learn and try new sex position every day. Tell him/her three things you love about your sexual connection and how crazy you are for him/her. Don’t act like you’re a robot or a dead walking zombie lying down there and doing nothing. Sex is all about touch. Use that to make your lover satisfied.
Conversation like this can fire up sexual tension between couples. By doing these things, you’re keeping yourself and your partner from falling into a deep rut.
5. Talking while in the action
It’s time to stop talking (unless it’s dirty about your problems, needs and many more during your sexual encounters. Keep in mind that bedroom moment is your only time to build connection with your lover in sensual ways. Let your body movements do the talking.
Improving and keeping a healthy sexual connection is tough. As the old adage says, it takes two to tango. Thus, you both need to work hard to avoid committing these missteps at all cost.

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